Hotel- Hilton Downtown- From the outside it looks like any other down town hotel but when you walk in…the place is over the top. It is like you stepped back into roaring ‘20s. Leather chairs, brass, chandeliers, and tall ceilings and stairs everywhere. Parking in the garage was $25 a night and it feels as if you have to walk forever to just get to the hotel.
The room- Cleaniness ***** Everything was perfectly clean. I did my usual search for dirty sheets, pillows bed bugs mold. I found nothing. IT was a bit small though, I do have just a few problems with it though. First. The full length mirror was in the hall where there wasn’t a light. It was very dark so it isn’t that much of a help if you are a detailed oriented person.
Bathroom- The toilet looked like one you would find in a public restroom. This really isn’t a complaint. It is just weird to go into this very fancy hotel and a beautiful room and find bare steel pipes and one of those bar flushers that I usually use my foot to flush with because I don’t want to touch it.
Here is the complaint though about the bathroom. It has one of those extendable shaving/makeup mirrors, It was mounted at a height of 5’4” I could extend it and the mirror was 2 inches over my head. Seriously, no exaggeration, you would have to be about 5’6” or taller to use it comfortably. The rest of the bathroom was absolutely spotless.
Milwaukee is known for three things, the Packers, cheese and beer. Not much of an American beer fan so didn’t try anything. Went to the cheese mart and bought about 15 pounds of the stuff; from Fresh cheese curds, string cheese and a 12 year old cheddar.
The city is beautiful, you can walk through time by walking the streets, one block will have old townhouses and shops. The next will have modern minimalist architecture. I would recommend this city to anyone.


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