Welcome to the real world…All of it.

Welcome!  I am an employee that installs applications for companies.  I really don’t want to get more specific than that and it really doesn’t matter.  Traveling is required and a lot of it, the ad said 50%.  Since July I have already travels to six cities, all requiring flight and two that were just really long drives.  I love traveling and what I do. There are some things that have happened that I coud have been better prepared for or others could have done to make their lives and the others around them less stressful.  I am hoping this blog will alleviate some of the stuff that makes travel, business or vacation a pleasure or at least somewhat tolerable.

This ongoing blog will consist of:

  1. Packing tips.  (especially for women travelers)
  2. Getting through TSA screenings as quickly as possible.
  3. How to check you hotel room to make sure its safe.
  4. Reviews of hotels, airlines, airports, rental car companies and places I visit when I am not working.

And many more things as they come up.

Please feel free to ask any questions.  And comments or critiques!!! They will be so important to me.

Happy Travels!

Also, I would like comments reviews and any articles you can add to make this a great blog to the modern “Road Warrior” or “Warrioress”